10 Video Games That Need Sequels

10) Dark Cloud
This game came out whilst people wherein nevertheless being warmed as much as the PS2. I became blown away when I saw the portraits and it turned into fresh now not to address flip based RPGs for a alternate. Dark Cloud 2 changed into good enough, but I don’t know why builders love to make the whole thing cellular shaded, it’s far unacceptable for whatever that isn’t DBZ related.

9) Harvest Moon
There are many video games available with this identify slapped across them, however few can fit the game play and quirkiness that enthusiasts fell in love with within the beginning. I in my opinion deem Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life to be the stopping factor inside the collection, though Island of Happiness is exciting. The DS is amusing, but I need to see Harvest Moon on next gen structures.

Eight) Shenmue
This game at the Dreamcast could be very tons underappreciated. It is recorded in history as the maximum high-priced game to ever make, within the masses of thousands and thousands. Shenmue combines factors from RPGs, action video games, and mystery genres with an introduced bonus of kung fu.

7)Breath of Fire
Breath of Fire 1 became a very enjoyable, antique college RPG: increase your person, select up crew individuals along the manner, explore and get treasure, kick the crap out of the horrific men. There is not anything incorrect with that simple formula. Breath of Fire 2 did justice to the series with the aid of giving the same level of enjoyment as the first one, however due to the fact that then the video games seem to be final luster and veering far from the factors that made the เล่นบาคาร่า เว็บไหนดี game superb to begin with. Remake the first one, placed it on the PS3 and watch them fly off the shelves.

6) Heroes of Might and Magic
The first 2 games in this series had been extremely good however a trouble arose when they were launched, builders stopped caring and the call of the collection became affiliated with sub-par approach video games. Bring returned the 2-D images with a touch contact up and ship players out in their fortress to accumulate gems and coal like inside the old days.

5) Baldur’s Gate
Baldur’s Gate took the position-gambling community by way of hurricane while it got here out in 1998. It stuck to the roots of medieval delusion function-playing, but delivered a stage of depth in characters and story that stored players coming back. I do not count number the various Baldur’s Gate titles for PS2 that have one player going for walks round like Gauntlet Legends; I mean a real sequel to the tales of Baldur’s Gate 1 and a couple of, fans have been waiting long enough.

Four) Gothic three
There does seem to be a sequel inside the works called Arcania: A Gothic Tale, the screenshots to this point seem to be on par with the extent of detail we’ve got seen inside the past games. Gothic 3 were given combined evaluations, specially due to the clunky controls and disturbing system defects. Looking beyond the ones flaws and gambling it on a quick laptop, you could certainly see why this sport is a gem and stay up for the next installment.

Three) Final Fantasy VII
Not a sequel, however a remake. Give the enthusiasts what they need, FFVII with PS3 snap shots. People nevertheless play it at the PSX so there would not be any doubt that the game could promote. Characters like Sephiroth and Vincent are nearly household names and while somone says the phrase Cloud, I consider a man with yellow hair in preference to evaporated water inside the sky. I doubt similarly Final Fantasy games will ever its fit the lasting impact, so they may as properly reintroduce it to lovers and those who had been too young in 1997 to play it.

2) Chrono Cross
This sport become a great sequel to any other excellent sport: Chrono Trigger; Squaresoft desires to keep the collection alive with a far desired third installment. It is baffling to look those high-quality games fizzle out due to the fact no one took the initiative to keep the momentum going. Chrono Cross is indeed a classic game, however further generations are not going to understand games that with PlayStation 1 photographs. Kids in recent times don’t admire a great storyline like they used to.

1) Legend of Dragoon
Haven’t we waited lengthy enough? It’s been nearly 10 years because it got here out; it is time for Legend of Dragoon 2 to grace the PlayStation 3. It’s sincerely pretty surprising that Sony by no means offered a sequel, there were combined critiques with LOD got here out, but there is a preferred consensus that it’s far a sincerely right sport. Any sane person might recognize that there’s a gold mine to be had in a sequel or no less than in a remake. Touch up the portraits, spherical off the rims, and signal me up for a duplicate.

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