How Much Do Super Bowl Tickets Cost?

America likes to spend money on the Super Bowl. From shopping for a brand new high definition tv for sport day to multi-million dollar ad spots at some stage in the game, the Super Bowl evokes first rate spending as a lot as it celebrates football. Actually going to the Super Bowl and looking it in man or woman will value someone numerous thousand bucks.

Super Bowl tickets as of January 16th are with no trouble available on eBay. Auctions for Super Bowl tickets have become plenty of attention and money thrown at them. For instance, a pair of tickets for the decrease stage end area region of the stadium in Glendale, Arizona in which Super Bow XLII might be performed on February third recently offered at public sale on eBay for $7,302.00 after attracting 16 bids. Another auction that closed on the equal day at eBay noticed 24 bids that crowned out at $6,001.00 for two tickets within the upper degree quit quarter region.

Auctions at eBay aren’t the only source of Super Bowl tickets. Any search at a seek engine will produce dozens of price tag sellers where people can buy tickets while not having the unpredictability of an public sale’s final charge. Prices are high across the board. At Ticket Master’s internet site, a deluxe 4-night trip with hotel suite resorts that includes two tickets on the club stage to fifteen backyard line costs a whopping $15,384 for two human beings. At Stubhub.Com a price tag for a seat at the Super Bowl in the terrace quit of the stadium begins at $three,750.

Everything about attending the Super Bowl is steeply-priced. Parking passes value as a minimum $one hundred fifty! That’s sufficient to make even a New York City resident cringe. Someone genuinely attending the Super Bowl can cash out a bit of its value with souvenirs after the เว็บพนันบาคาร่า game. Old Super Bowl ticket stubs from years beyond are auctioning at eBay for over $forty. Not precisely massive money, but in case you see a ticket stub on the floor it is virtually worth picking up.

Because genuinely attending the Super Bowl is steeply-priced, many sports activities lovers choose to experience the occasion with home events or a journey to Las Vegas. Because of its legal sports activities betting, Las Vegas has historically been a Super Bowl destination. That weekend is extraordinarily busy in Las Vegas, but for even half the price of attending the Super Bowl a person could have a laugh all weekend and experience the sport in a front room or best inn room with out sitting on a difficult stadium seat.

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