How to Win Contests


Enter every valid contest you can find that doesn’t cost you cash. There are many loose contests to be had that you could enter and not using a fee and pop out a winner on the alternative end. Every contest you listen about on the radio, write it down. Every concurseiro paulista contest you spot in a internet site? Check it out, discover if it is valid, and enter it. Every contest you see on television, input it. CONTESTS ARE A NUMBERS GAME PLAIN AND SIMPLE! The greater you input, the higher your possibilities of winning are. ENTER ENTER ENTER!!!

* Skills Contests

Avoid contests which are geared towards experts or critical amateurs. Examples are positive photo contests (no longer all picture contests though, due to the fact lots of them are very laid returned and completely amateurish photographs win all of the time), writing contests, video contests, and so on. Make certain you research those contests by going to the web site and reading the contest cautiously to see when you have what it takes to enter. Skills based totally contests may be very good if you have a knack for the talent in query. Entering contests in which you do not have the necessary abilties to compete is only a waste of time. Time that could have been spent getting into more contests!


Don’t cheat. Cheating at a competition is an exercising in futility with the intention to in the long run waste some time (and people jogging the competition) so do not even trouble. No plagiarized photos, written pieces, tune, and so on.

* Paying would not pay

Don’t pay for a contest unless you are a hundred% positive it’s miles a valid source and that you have a honest hazard to win.

* Don’t get obsessed

Don’t make contests your lifestyles. I recognize people who are enthusiastic about contests and it has a poor effect on their lives. That being said, I’ve additionally have visible many clever contest goers turn it right into a component time enterprise, a supplemental profits that facilitates pay a few bills.

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